Riq Sol


Riq Sol is the nickname that Enrique Solla Charro (Madrid, 1975) dons when he awakens the Dungeon Master, the Game Master, or the game director within him – that part of him that lives and breathes for tabletop games, role-playing games, choose-your-own-adventure books, and escape rooms. With a degree in journalism under his belt, he’s always preferred charting his own course rather than working for others.

That’s why he’s been a freelancer and entrepreneur all his life. Besides being the author of four thrilling noir novels (the AZúcar Negra series), the other half of his existence – the moments when he’s not playing games or crafting new ones to share with his crew – has been dedicated to the art of partner dancing. For over 25 years, he’s been a driving force as a promoter, teacher, and entrepreneur in this field (together with Meli Rodríguez de Guzmán, Instagram: EnriqueyMeli).

Now, you might wonder how all these worlds are connected, but for him, they are indeed intertwined, as they all rely on communication. In fact, Enrique sees himself as a communicator (the salsa, the bachata, the tango, the swing, the kizomba – all those dances are nothing but authentic forms of communication, where deception has no place, in his view).

A lover of English and a die-hard series enthusiast, he encountered David Velasco through his gamebooks and was captivated by the genius of The Druid’s Grimoire, one of David’s most ambitious works, featuring a staggering 2000 sections.

It was after completing it that Enrique decided it was time to make his mark and, filled with enthusiasm, he suggested they work together on an even more awe-inspiring and colossal project: Expeditionary Company.

That’s when Riq Sol was born. The rest is there for you to experience it, the moment you step in and start reading this huge-gamebook. You’re about to become an important part of it!