Gameplay modes

Are you tired of playing alone?

Expeditionary Company can be played in pairs. Discover the different game modes, which will present you with new challenges. In addition, you will not have to face these challenges alone, since you can play with another person.

Different ways of playing a campaign in Expeditionary Company

Although the complete experience of this gamebook is intended for solo play, it is not the only way of playing, and the authors Riq Sol and David Velasco encourage you to try some of these other options, called ‘agreements’. Try them so that you can live the game from a different perspective. We recommend doing so after having played several campaigns in their original format. Of course, when you choose to use these other ways of playing, you should always apply the advanced rules that are explained in section 2096 and that complete the game experience.

New ways to continue playing as a solo player or with one of the two-player agreements shown below. Click on the title of each agreement to download its rules.

► Solitaire
► Two-player
Download the four agreements